Extensive research in medicine has found cure for many diseases. Although this is a step forward, thousands of people worldwide succumb to painful illnesses. Persistent Foundation recognizes the gravity of the situation and hence, focuses on the improvement of community health. We encourage not only curative but also preventive approach while working in the focus area of health.


The phenomenal rise of the Indian economy can be attributed to the growing awareness of the importance of education. Even with this landmark achievement, we still have miles to go. The World Bank statistics reveal a grim picture, only 40% of the adolescents in India attend secondary school. Persistent Foundation endorses the importance of education as the lone catalyst in propelling the society towards the economic well-being.

Community Development

As a responsible organization, we share a special bond with the society that we grow in. Every landmark event and decision taken by Persistent Foundation affects the society; and the societal response shapes the approach that Persistent Foundation would take towards chalking out strategic plans. Persistent Foundation always takes steps to contribute towards the development of the community.