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From supporting the endeavors of 80+ partners to driving long-term initiatives at the Foundation, Persistent’s CSR impact is growing exponentially in Education, Health, and Community Development in India.

Kiran Girls Scholarship Program 2023-24

Applications are closed now!

Featured work

Our flagship programs continue to impact diverse stakeholders in positive, powerful ways.

COVID-19 Relief Work

We are humbled to aid COVID-19 relief efforts and support our communities.

Food Support

Cooked Meals: 31,255
Food Kits: 22,215

21,000 PPE Kits

Provided to frontline workers

High end Machinery

ECMO machine, Biapap, monitoers, fumigation and fogging machines — 23 nos.

Medical Equipment

High Flow Oxygen Machine: 28
Ventilators: 56
Oxygen Concentrators: 145
Portable Oxygen Machine: 45

42,855 Vaccination

Benefited bed ridden patients, slum communities

Oxygen Plant

Oxygen Purity: USP 93 ± 3% | Equivalent Cylinders Per Day: 55 Cylinders

Focus Areas


Improving infrastructure
and education quality


Providing preventive and curative
healthcare services

community development

Enabling the adoption of sustainable
development practices

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