Curative Healthcare


Providing artificial limbs and dialysis support to individuals who belong to socio-economically challenged segments of society.


Support for artificial limbs and fittings. The Persistent Foundation provides support to patients at no cost. Improved technology enables patients who approach us to walk out of the center with artificial limbs. Because the services are provided through a center, patients can return and request assistance with any related problems they may face.
We also support dialysis treatment. When a patient develops end-stage kidney failure, their kidneys can no longer function independently. This is a condition typically reached at 85-90% loss of kidney function. The Persistent Foundation supports dialysis sessions for the patient and their family; this is an overwhelming decision to make, as it involves a recurring cost and impacts the entire family in the long run.


The Jaipur Foot program helps to increase patient mobility. Patients become independent and can support themselves. Earning capabilities are improved at a young age which leads to improved confidence.
Dialysis can help a person with kidney failure live a longer, healthier life. Their life span increases and pain is reduced considerably.

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