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After-school programs, ranging from academic studies to physical exercise and character development in 27 centers, with 1,200 students supported.


This program supports 4 centers in Pune, 10 centers in Nagpur, and 13 centers in Hyderabad. The Pune and Hyderabad study centers are located in poor neighbourhoods, while the Nagpur centers are located in rural areas. The focus is on child development from 7th to 10th in academics, physical fitness, civic duties, health, and hygiene. We support school kits, health camps, summer camps, teacher training, and the rental of the study center. Extra-curricular activities are organized to boost confidence and provide constructive activities. In Pune, the center has a centralized WiFi network to provide access to educational material and online courses. Persistent employees also volunteer at events, giving students the opportunity to interact with professionals who can serve as role models.


These study centers provide academic assistance to students residing in poor neighbourhoods and rural areas who cannot afford expensive private tutoring. It is a center of learning and self-improvement skills, along with value addition and ethics. Activities conducted help focus on the holistic and integrated development of the children who also get support for their studies from a teacher. Activities like festival celebrations and national holidays help students learn about their significance. We have seen increased participation from students in these activities as well as a reduced drop-out ratio and improved attendance and attention. Tutor training helps expand the capabilities of teachers. The students have made progress in reading, writing and understanding complex concepts.

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