Zero garbage project


Project Year: 2014-15

Focus Area: Community Development

Location: Pune

Project Reach: 1 Prabhag

Implementing Partner: Janwani

Persistent Foundation, in its endeavor to support a clean environment and waste management, has adopted Prabhag 11 and Prabhag 36 of the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC). The project was implemented in association with Janwani. It aims at waste segregation (dry and wet), waste collection, and waste management.


We created awareness amongst the residents through various meetings and programs. Regular meetings with PMC and the waste pickers were the key to the success of this project. In Prabhag 11, the waste collection and segregation were negligible. At the end of the year, door-to-door collection improved significantly to 74.2 % and segregation of waste improved to 68.2%. Due to similar efforts, Prabhag 36 has been declared as “Green Prabhag” by PMC.



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