We have completed eight years at the Persistent Foundation ! Eight successful years of hard work, dedication , commitment and wonderful accomplishments. It gives me , personally, a great sense of satisfaction and gratitude along with pride in our work. The Foundation team has worked tirelessly and sincerely to fulfil the goals and targets for this year. Their efforts are truly to be applauded and appreciated.

The highlight of this year has been yet another successful installation of a Solar PV plant at the Nampalli Railway Station in Hyderabad. This has been highly publicised and much appreciated by the Railways. It is our small contribution towards using renewable sources of energy and helping the planet conserve its natural resources and thus leave it in a good state for the future generations.

The projects being executed under the Jal Yukt Shivar Yojana are going strong even this year. We have helped dig more wells, de silt more streams, widen more canals and construct more bunds. All with the objective of conserving water and making it available to villagers, farmers and animals for a longer period even in summer.

Our ongoing initiatives of infrastructure improvement in schools, study centres, refurbishment of libraries and laboratories is also yielding progress in the academic performance of the children. The Girls Scholarship Program is going on very well. We have created a family of 165 bright young girls and are enlightened by their ambition and persistence to pursue their dreams and make something of their lives. Interactions with them are always fun and eye opening experiences.

Our passion for the new year is to help conduct cleft lip and cleft palate surgeries for little children. We have take up this cause as a mission where we would like to help each child  overcome this minor disfigurement and ensure that he is able to live a normal life.

For another incredibly fulfilling and eventful year, I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to all our NGO partners. They have helped us achieve our objectives by their exemplary understanding and execution of our requirements. 

I am overwhelmed by the interest and enthusiasm shown by the Persistent employees at all the locations !! They have committed their time and money towards various drives initiated by us and have participated wholeheartedly. We look forward to continuous and even larger participation from them in the future.

Our Trustees are the backbone of the Foundation. Their vision and guidance and constant encouragement keep us going with excitement and vigour. Their motivation inspires us to dream bigger. 

A very big Thank You to all.


Sonali Deshpande 


April 1, 2017